Line Art/Digital Cartooning

By Kaykaykit

In this tutorial, cartoon artist Kaykaykit walks you through the full process of sketching, inking, and coloring an image from scratch in Adobe Photoshop.

How to Digitally Shade and Highlight a Dragon Drawing

By Dee Dreslough

Fantasy Artist Dee Dreslough shows you graphically, step by step, her approach to shading and highlighting dragons.

How to Draw a Wolf

By Blu Wolf

Blu_Wolf shares a method with step by step illustrations on how to draw a wolf from scratch.

How to Draw a Wolf's Head

By Michele Teich

A step by step guide to drawing the head of a wolf.

How to Make a Forest Background

By Kaykaykit

How to paint a forest scene from scratch using Adobe Photoshop.

Drawing Techniques & Ideas

By Kaykaykit

Kaykit shows you different ways to digitally shade and color a picture.