Lost Cyberpet?

Many adopters lost their creatures as a result of the Shadowlit Realm's server switch. If yours seems to have wandered off, just drop me an email with a description of your critter and I'll make sure it gets home to your homepage. ;)

A Mystery Egg is Available!

Each month, the Shadowlit Realms presents a special egg with a mythical creature inside. Only one egg is available each month but the creatures that emerge are never identical. To hatch this month's egg, you need only summon it to your webspace by copying and pasting this month's magic code to your website or blog.

To adopt this month's egg, copy & paste the following code to your HTML

These critters are up for adoption but my artwork is NOT freeware. You can display the eggs and hatched creatures on your website, but do not alter or re-distribute them.

Link back to the Shadowlit Realms so others can adopt! I even have some banners you can use!

By providing a link to my site when you adopt my cyberpets/eggs, you are helping to boost my site's ranking on Google. In appreciation, new creatures will hatch each month:) In an attempt to boost your site's Google ranking too, sign my guestbook with your site's URL. And I'll probably click it to admire your site:) ~Thanks & happy hatching!

Adoption Code:

<table width="10%" height="153" border="1" bgcolor="#333333">
<tr> <td height="88"><img src="http://www.shadowlitrealms.com/hatch/eggjan.gif" width="128" height="84"></td> </tr> <tr> <td valign="top"><div align="center"><font color="#FFCC33">Adopted from<br>
<a href="http://www.comfortgrooming.com"><font color="#FF9933">Comfort Grooming's </font></a>
cyberpet project at <a href="http://www.shadowlitrealms.com"> <font color="#FF9933">shadowlitrealms.com</font></a>&nbsp;</font>